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Cashlen & Cody is a Perth based business creating vibrant scents and heavenly body products, all 100% natural of course.

Our goal is beautiful products that don't cause harm, only happiness.

We only use pure essential oils!

Synthetic fragrances are proving to cause a number of negative side effects to both people and the environment. That is why we avoid scents filled with chemicals and toxins. We are 100% natural and we love it ♡

Not only have we removed the bad stuff, but we have added essential oils and all their aromatherapy benefits.

Did you know that when inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain, and especially impact the amygdala - the emotional center of the brain. Which in turn control bodily functions such as your hormone balance, memory, blood pressure, stress levels, breathing and heart rate. This effect often explains why a certain smell triggers emotions.

Inhaling different essential oils can all have different positive impacts on your physical and emotional wellbeing. For example, certain blends can either help you to focus, feel energised, sleep well, feel happy or promote relaxation.

Products that are good for you, smell divine and evoke positivity  - yes please!


I was experiencing ongoing headaches and finally figured out it was the candles I was burning each day. Making the switch to natural fragrance has really helped. And they smell divine!


Everything you make and sell is amazing! I have purchased candles and diffusers so far and I will never shop anywhere else for them again! Love Love Love!


Bought the Lavender and Ylang Ylang candle love the smell the scent is immediate and lasts long within the room long after you blow it out. You can smell it right throughout the house without being overpowering and love the fact its essential oils no nasties.Also bought the mini diffuser in Mandarin Lemon Myrtle (Fave scent) for my toilet and hung it behind the door……amazing

Deb B

Finally a natural candle company! It seems like so many products are making the switch to natural yet candles and fragrance products are still filled with chemicals. Glad we found you!

Tina A.

Beautiful products and wonderful gift ideas.


Every time I need a gift I come straight to Cashlen & Cody! You cant go wrong with a candle.


Honestly the best candles! Before buying these candles I would normally get mine from other brand named stores, and I have to say for a better price you get way more out of these Cashlen and Cody candles. Longer burning time and stronger fragrance I think too. I plan to try the whole scent range!


I got one of these gift boxes for Christmas off my best friend and it was absolutely amazing 😍


These candles smell the best! I have 4 throughout my house...obsessed!