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Lavender Infused Heat Pack - Kids

Lavender Infused Heat Pack - Kids

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Warm, cuddly and calming - the perfect little pack of happiness for your little one. 

Include one of Cashlen & Cody's heat packs in the night time routine to see how soothing and comforting they truly are.

Filled with Australian grown lupins and dried lavender petals, all sourced from within Western Australia. 

We chose our filling to be lupins instead of wheat as they hold heat for a longer duration allowing for more delightful warmth on those cold chilly nights. And lets not forget the lavender - the number one herb to promote relaxation. 


Additional Information 

Heat Pack Sizing

Rainbow: 16.5cm x 18cm x 2cm

Astronaut: 11.5cm x 23.5cm x 2cm

100% cotton 

Safety Warning:

Use with caution – heat packs can burn the skin when used incorrectly. Always supervise children and take extra care with elderly and delicate skin types.

Fire and Burn Hazard

Do not overheat

Do not leave heat bag unattended in the microwave

Do not place under bedding or blankets

Handcrafted in Australia