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Our Story

Hi there! 
Welcome to our space of beautiful fragrances (100% natural of course) and positive energy.  
My name is Saffron and I have an ongoing goal to lead a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. And If I am going to run a business, thats what I will align my products with.
I have been in the candle industry for 6+ years, after learning the harmful effects of synthetic fragrance and experiencing some myself (ongoing headaches), I made the switch to natural. I had always been passionate about the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils, so I combined it with my love of candles and BAM - my new products were born. We are constantly expanding and adding to our collection of natural goodies - I hope you enjoy each product!

We love self-care!
Stress, anxiety and depression are all too common, so I have created a space to share positivity, affirmations and tips on general wellbeing. Ongoing self-care takes practise, but we all need it! 

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Health & Happiness, 
Saffron x